Volume Lash Extension Styles

Wake up looking put together with a set of volume lashes. Volume lashes are super customizable so we can create the level of fullness you are after. Using styling, length and curl to create a look that suits you, your lashes can look natural to dramatic and in between!

We offer lash extensions that will work with what your natural lashes can handle so that they do not cause damage and you can keep wearing them long term! To learn more head over to the Sustainable Lashing page.

Hybrid Full Set

A hybrid set consist of a mix of both classic lash extensions and volume lash extensions. Great for a subtle look.

Natural Volume Set

A natural volume set is great for someone who wants to enhance their natural features without your lashes looking too over powering. Look put together but natural.

Everyday Volume Set

The everyday volume set is a great set for those who want a little more drama that can be worn everyday.

Dramatic Volume Set

 The dramatic volume set is fluffy and full. Perfect for someone who loves a little more drama!


The Full Set

A volume set consists of the application of a fan of multiple lash extension per natural lash that you have. Perfect for a more dramatic look that provides thickness and volume.

The Fill

During a volume fill lash extensions that have grown out too far are removed and replaced as well new growth that is ready will have lash extensions applied are filled in too. A fill is recommended every 2-3 weeks. Check out this great blog post on why lash fills are important: Why Lash Refills Are Important

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