What is sustainable lashing?

Sustainable lashing is all about lashing for lash health by creating lash extensions that do not damage your natural lashes. Over the years with added training lash extension artists have become extremely knowledgable on how to maintain your lash health.

For some clients this might be a bit of a change to what you are used to as super long lengths and heavy weights are a thing of the past.

Most lash lines have around 90-160 lashes and your natural lashes are constantly in multiples stages of growth which can take about 3 months to go through. Without getting too scientific in your lash line you will find there are three stages so you have baby lashes, teen lashes and adult lashes in your lash line at all times. For more info on the growth cycle of your lashes check out this great article: Eyelash Growth Cycles

Why is sustainable lashing so important?

Some of your eyelashes depending on what stage they are in (baby lashes in particular) can not hold a heavy or super long lash as this will cause them to fall out prematurely and can cause damage to your hair follicle. As a lash artist it is my responsibility to only lash the lashes that can handle an extension and to not extend the length of your natural lash too far. If there is too much strain on the lash due to length that can also cause damage.

Why are our natural lashes so important to our eyes?

Our lashes are amazing they are designed at the perfect length, the perfect curl, they are CUSTOM made for you! Your lashes protect your eyes and are your number 1 warning system. They keep out sweat, dirt, debris and help with tear production and maintaining the eye ecosystem. They are not designed to have any weight applied to them. Once we apply too much weight it will cause stress to the hair follicles.

What are stress signs in your lashes?

If we continuously pull at the hair so if incorrect lengths or weights are applied or if you pull on or twist your lashes this is going to cause damage to the hair follicle. Over time your body is going to say you don't need the hair and stop growing it.

Signs this is occurring:

Thinning can occur in the lash line from pinching caused by the lashes growing and having a baby lashes stuck to a lash extension that has been applied.

Visible drooping in lash line - too heavy.

Gaps in the lash line either caused by something irritating the lashes or premature shedding because your lash couldn't handle to weight.

If this happens and is corrected straight away there should not be any issues however long term if it is not corrected this is when thinning and damage will happen.

So what does this mean?

Minimal weight onto the lashes only! Lighter weights and shorter lashes! We can still create the look your after but in a safe way.

Your eyes are amazing and I want you to be able to wear and love your lashes for as long as you'd like! This is why I assess each lash and only apply what it can handle and may turn down requests for a style of lash that does not suit your natural lashes.

Sustainable lashing is the best practice to keep your natural lashes healthy so you can wear your lash extensions long term!