Caring for your lash extensions is the best way to ensure they last as long as possible and to help maintain the health of your natural lashes.



Cleansing your lashes is one of the most important steps! 
I recommend using a cleanser that is specifically made for cleansing your lash extensions. I stock Prolong Lash™ cleanser so you don’t have to worry about searching for the perfect lash cleanser. Prolong Lash™ cleanser is oil free, pH balanced, gentle, vegan friendly, does NOT artificial colour, parabens, synthetic or added fragrances. You can also use it as an all over face cleanser.

Lash cleanser kits are now available for purchased in salon.

The kit includes: 100ml Foaming Pump Cleanser, Cleansing Brush, Mascara Wand, Easy 3 Step After Care Guide.